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Vital Medic’s Diagnostic Imaging Laboratory has a fully digital X-ray scanner GE Discovery XR656 with 2 detectors. The device is suitable for conventional radiography, and neurosurgical and orthopaedic diagnostics in particular. An advantage of the device is the possibility to perform so-called combined cans of the entire spine in AP and lateral dimensions and lower limb scans.

The scanner also enables to significantly reduce the radiation for the patient, at the same time ensuring perfect quality of images.

List of scans offered by the X-Ray Unit:

  • Chest X-ray;
  • Cranial X-ray;
  • Nose, mandible, sinus X-ray;
  • Clavicle X-ray;
  • Scapula X-ray;
  • Rib X-ray;
  • Cervical spine X-ray;
  • Thoracic spine X-ray;
  • Lumbar spine X-ray;
  • Shoulder joint X-ray;
  • Humerus X-ray;
  • Forearm X-ray;
  • Elbow X-ray;
  • Pelvis X-ray;
  • Sacrum X-ray;
  • Femur X-ray;
  • Shin bone X-ray;
  • Knee X-ray;
  • Ankle X-ray;
  • Foot X-ray;
  • Finger/Hand X-ray;
  • Foot/Hand X-ray – comparative;
  • Wrist X-ray;
  • Plain abdominal X-ray;
  • Entire spine X-ray;
  • Entire lower limb X-ray, orthogonal view.

You need a physician’s referral to have an X-ray scan.