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The SPINE EXPRESS DIAGNOSTIC PACKAGE is aimed for patients who value not only quality but also speed of medical procedures. Under the SPINE EXPRESS DIAGNOSTIC PACKAGE, the patient will be schedules for all the stages of the basic package within 6 hours on the same day, at a pre-arranged date.

The package is a medical procedure identical with the SPINE STANDARD DIAGNOSTIC PACKAGE – the only difference is that it is performed in one day.

Package is the first consultative and diagnostic stage in the treatment of spine dysfunctions under the Comprehensive Spine Dysfunctions Treatment Programme implemented by Vital Medic Hospital.

The package is aimed at diagnosing the patient and offering them an individual and effective treatment method. Based on medical data collected at this stage, a spine surgeon presents the patient with a diagnosis of their condition and then, in collaboration with a specialist in physiotherapy, suggests an adequate treatment.

All consultations included in the package are provided by renowned and outstanding specialists in neurosurgery or orthopaedics, with vast experience in spine surgery and by specialists in physiotherapy.


I. Consultation 1

Patient consultation with a specialist in spine surgery who will present an initial diagnosis and refer the patient for a plain diagnostic MRI based on the patient’s history and symptoms*.

II. Imaging diagnostics

Plain MRI scan* of the spine section indicated by the spine surgery specialist at Consultation 1.

III. Consultation 2

Another patient consultation with a specialist in spine surgery who will present a diagnosis of the patient’s condition based on the plain diagnostic MRI and earlier findings. Then, the specialist will suggest surgical treatment complemented with conservative treatment or solely conservative treatment.

IV. Consultation 3

Patient consultation with a specialist in physiotherapy who will suggest a rehabilitation plan for the patient, based on the patient’s history, functional examination and recommendations provided by the spine surgery specialist. The rehabilitation plan is developed individually for the patient and is aimed at improving the effectiveness of the entire conservative treatment process.

If there are indications for a surgery, the rehabilitation plan will additionally include the need to divide rehabilitation into pre-operative, peri-operative and post-operative parts.

*a different diagnostic scan if there are contraindications for an MRI scan.


Extended diagnostics

Imaging diagnostics is extended with a complementary diagnostic examination that may be an MRI scan, a CT scan or a digital X-ray. The need to perform extended diagnostics and its type will be indicated by the specialist in spine surgery at Consultation 2 with the patient, in order to offer a more precise diagnosis of the condition.

The complementary diagnostic examination will be analysed by the spine surgeon at an additional free-of-charge consultation with the patient.