Rehabilitation Clinic - Vital Medic
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Consultations in rehabilitation are provided by:

  • Katarzyna Bogacz, PhD in Physical Studies

Specialist in physiotherapy
Head of the Rehabilitation Clinic of Vital Medic Hospital
Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the Opole University of Technology

Professor consultations in rehabilitation are provided by:

  • Professor Jan Szczegielniak, MD, PhD

Specialist in physiotherapy
National Consultant in physiotherapy

The Rehabilitation Clinic of the Specialist Outpatient Clinics provides rehabilitation of congenital and acquired dysfunctions of motor organs.

The Rehabilitation Clinic offers comprehensive treatment tailored to the patient’s needs. Upon consultation with a specialist in physiotherapy, the patient is referred for the relevant physiotherapeutic procedures, combined in an integrated rehabilitation package.

Rehabilitation consultations are provided as private individual services and do not require referral from the primary care physician.

For detailed information regarding physiotherapeutic procedures offered by Vital Medic Rehabilitation Clinic, click here.