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The operating theatre at Vital Medic Hospital ensures the top world-class standards in surgery both to patients and our healthcare staff.
The operating theatres are properly configured and equipped with Maquet modules: operating table, surgical and anaesthetic column as well as LED lamps with a full HD video camera. The digital integration system enables to route signal from the endoscopic camera, camera in the surgical light, the operating theatre camera and signals from peripheral devices during the surgery:

  • Zeiss Pentero 900 microscope;
  • Medtronic S7 neuronavigation system;
  • Medtronic O-arm intraoperative CT scanner;
  • Linvatec Conmed arthroscope full HD video channel.

An additional function of the integration system in the operating theatres is the possibility of two-channel video signal recording and streaming it over the Internet to any place in the world, which is very important in the case of consultations in real time with operators who are outside the hospital. It is also possible to view diagnostic images directly to medical monitors located within the operating field or to a large presentation screen located on the operating room’s wall.
The Operating Theatre is also provided with rooms for medical equipment, sterilisation room, patient sluice, staff room and dual door lift, which ensures adequate and safe communication.
Vital Medic Operating Theatre includes three operating rooms:
1. BLUE ROOM – aimed for neurosurgical procedures;
2. WHITE ROOM – aimed for orthopaedic procedures;
3. YELLOW ROOM – aimed for minor procedures.
The operating theatre at Vital Medic, one of the most innovative operating theatres in Poland, enables to perform even the most complex neurosurgical procedures.