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One-day surgery is a method of surgical treatment, which ensures that the patient is treated in as short time as possible. Patients admitted to the ward are discharged within 24 hours. However, before a patient is qualified for the surgery, he/she is consulted by a range of specialists and undergoes a series of diagnostic tests.

At the One-Day Surgery Ward, patients save time because their hospitalisation is reduced to the necessary minimum. Upon surgical intervention, patients may shortly return to their everyday tasks. Such procedure reduces the risk of infection and stress.

The Ward is located on the second floor of the hospital building. We have 20 beds for patients in comfortably equipped single, double and triple rooms. Every room has a separate bathroom with a shower and a toilet. All the rooms are air-conditioned. Moreover, we are the only hospital in Poland to install floor heating. We also provide all patients with access to refrigerators in their rooms.

During their stay at the One-Day Surgery Ward, patients are provided with comprehensive care of the medical personnel.

Vital Medic One-Day Surgery Ward is aimed for patients who want to use our commercial medical services. For detailed information, please contact your Patient Coordinator.