Neurosurgery Ward - Vital Medic
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Vital Medic Hospital has a team of neurosurgeons educated at the best neurosurgery clinics all over the world. Thanks to their extensive qualifications and professional experience, they can undertake even the most difficult and the most challenging tasks in their discipline.

With access to the latest intraoperative diagnostics, using 3D radiological visualisation, intraoperative neuronavigation, electrophysiological monitoring and fluorescence microscopy techniques such as ICG videoangiography and dyeing of gliomas with 5-ALA, we maximise the safety of patients during procedures.

For our patients, we prepared 11 comfortable medical beds with electric headrest adjustment and anti-decubitus mattresses. We offer single and double rooms. Every room has a separate bathroom with a shower and a toilet. All the rooms are air-conditioned. Moreover, we are the only hospital in Poland to install floor heating. We also provide all patients with access to refrigerators in their rooms.

Patients at the Neurosurgery Ward are provided with 24/7 comprehensive care by our healthcare staff.

Vital Medic Neurosurgery Ward is aimed for patients who want to use our commercial medical services. For detailed information, please contact your Patient Coordinator.