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Vital Medic Hospital in Kluczbork is a state-of-the-art Spine Care Center providing a full range of medical services in the area of comprehensive and effective treatment of spine dysfunctions. The hospital’s activity in this area is based on a proprietary Spine Dysfunction Treatment Programme, which is a standardised and coordinated medical procedure.

Implementation of the Comprehensive Spine Dysfunction Treatment Programme enables to diagnose the problem, present the most adequate treatment method and implement the proposed treatment. As a result of programme implementation, the patient is qualified for a surgery combined with conservative treatment or solely for conservative treatment. The selected treatment method may be accompanied by pain management therapy and if necessary, also neurological or psychological consultation.

The Comprehensive Spine Dysfunction Treatment Programme developed and implemented at Vital Medic Hospital includes:

  1. Consultation & diagnostic stage;
  2. Surgical treatment;
  3. Conservative treatment;
  4. Pain treatment;
  5. Neurological consultation;
  6. Psychological consultation.


The consultation & diagnostic stage of the Comprehensive Spine Dysfunction Treatment Programme is implemented through our SPINE STANDARD DIAGNOSTIC PACKAGE or SPINE EXPRESS DIAGNOSTIC PACKAGE, which is aimed at diagnosing the patient and offering them an individual and effective treatment method.

The package includes two consultations with a spine surgeon, consultation with a physiotherapist and an MRI diagnostic scan.

At the first consultation, the spine surgeon makes an initial diagnosis and refers the patient for a diagnostic examination.

At the second consultation, based on the results of the MRI scan, the spine surgeon proposes a relevant treatment method, which includes either conservative treatment or surgical and conservative treatment.

Then, the patient is consulted with a specialist in physiotherapy who offers an individual rehabilitation programme based on the patient’s history and functional examination.

Detailed information on the SPINE EXPRESS DIAGNOSTIC PACKAGE.


The surgical procedure performed at the Vital Medic Hospital is planned individually and tailored to the patient’s needs. The selected procedure is adjusted to the type of dysfunction and extent of pathology.

In addition, along the surgical treatment, the patient is provided with a rehabilitation plan aimed at preparing the patient for the surgery, enabling efficient mobilisation of the patient one day after the surgery and to restore the patient’s mobility following their discharge. The rehabilitation plan for surgical treatment of spinal dysfunctions is divided into pre-operative, peri-operative and post-operative parts.


Conservative treatment of spinal dysfunctions includes the implementation of a rehabilitation plan developed on the basis of the patient’s history and functional examination of the patient performed at a consultation with a specialist in physiotherapy. The rehabilitation plan is developed individually for the patient and is aimed at improving the effectiveness of the entire conservative treatment process.

In the case of conservative treatment, the specialist in physiotherapy develops a personalised 5-day or 10-day “Spine” Rehabilitation Package, which includes a set of relevant exercises and procedures. We strongly recommend 10-day Rehabilitation Packages because of their much greater therapeutic effect.


In order to implement a comprehensive spinal dysfunction treatment, the Spine Dysfunction Treatment Programme also includes diagnosis and treatment of back pain with the latest therapeutic methods.

Pain treatment is recommended for spinal dysfunctions as complementary therapy in surgical and conservative treatment when:

  • the pain prevents conservative treatment
  • the pain did not subside despite surgical treatment.

Consultation for pain treatment is recommended for chronic, maintained, acute pain in order to precisely diagnose pain causes and select the proper pharmacological or surgical treatment method accompanying the main surgical or conservative treatment.

Detailed information on Pain Treatment Clinic.


In order to ensure comprehensive treatment of spine dysfunctions, a specialist in spine surgery may refer the patient for a neurological consultation. The consultation is recommended when the patient is found to have neurological deficits requiring additional assessment by a specialist in neurology.

Detailed information on Neurology Clinic.


Comprehensive spine dysfunction treatment also includes providing the patient with psychological assistance, especially with severe conditions that prevent everyday functioning.

Psychological consultation may be used as complementary therapy both for surgical and conservative treatment. Psychological consultation for surgical treatment may cover the period of patient qualification for the procedure and their hospitalisation.

Detailed information on Psychology Clinic.