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The Rehabilitation Clinic of Vital Medic Hospital is an innovative center for the treatment of spine and other motor organ disorders. Patients can use high-class rehabilitation equipment that supports the efforts of specialists in physiotherapy and qualified physiotherapists.


The recommended method of treatment is to use an individual therapy. During consultation, a specialist in physiotherapy will suggest a Rehabilitation Plan for the patient, based on the patient’s history and functional examination. The Rehabilitation Plan is aimed at improving the effectiveness of the entire conservative treatment process using an individually selected range of exercises and procedures combined in a 10-day Rehabilitation Package. We also offer 5-day packages, however, their therapeutic effectiveness is proportionately lower. Read more about the details of our rehabilitation packages.

If there are indications for a surgery, the Rehabilitation Plan will additionally include the need to divide rehabilitation into pre-operative, peri-operative and post-operative parts.

Rehabilitation packages combine individual physiotherapy with an education programme for patients following conservative and surgical treatment.

We also offer a broad range kinesiotherapeutic procedures, physical therapy procedures, manual therapy procedures, osteopathy and functional training.

We particularly recommend our services to patients suffering from back pain, neuralgias, joint degeneration, tension migraines, strains of motor organs and patients requiring mobility improvement following traffic injuries, sports injuries or surgeries.

We also offer home-based rehabilitation services for bedridden patients. Rehabilitation is possible only in Kluczbork area and lasts 1 hour. During the first visit, an additional functional examination of the patient is performed in order to properly diagnose the problem and select an adequate range of procedures.


  • Therapy using the Redcord Workstation Professional system, which enables physiotherapy with a broad range of exercises that are individually tailored to the specific needs of the patient;
  • Treatment with a high-energy MPHi laser with a multi-diode applicator, with continued impulse MLS laser radiation of 1100 mW of power.
  • Radial shockwave therapy (RSWT) performed with a Shockmaster 500 device is an innovative and highly effective treatment method for tendon, ligament, synovial capsule, muscle and bone injuries.


  • Individual manual therapy including methods and techniques for treating reversible motor organ dysfunctions;
    – mobilisations, manipulations, neuromobilisations, post-isometric muscle relaxation, soft tissue therapy.
  • Specialised methods:
    – Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF);
    – McKenzie method;
    – PRI – Postural Restoration Institute – myokinematic restoration of lumbo-pelvic-femoral patterns;
    – microkinesitherapy.
  • Functional training aimed at comprehensive strengthening of the muscles without muscle building:
    – central stabilisation exercises;
    – spiral stabilisation exercises;
    – proprioceptive exercises;
    – sensorimotor training.
  • Verticalisation, learning to walk, walking quality improvement training and exercises.
  • Therapeutic massage and lymphatic drainage, hot stone massage and herbal stamp massage.
  • Hydrotherapy procedures, including a classic balneological procedure:
    – whirlpool baths of the upper and lower limbs;
    – complete baths (hydromassage, pearl bath, handheld water jet massage);
    – CO2 baths and balneological baths.
  • Kinesiotherapy:
    – general rehabilitation exercises, fitness, strengthening exercises;
    – stretching exercises;
    – non-weight bearing exercises, non-weight bearing exercises with resistance;
    – exercises with a Thera band or gymnastic ball;
    – balance and coordination exercises.
  • We offer physical therapy procedures, which include magnetic therapy, ultrasound and electrotherapy in the form of low-frequency impulse currents (e.g. diadynamic currents, Traebert currents, TENS or Kotz currents stimulation).

We also offer:

– electrotherapy (interferences, galvanisation, tonolysis, electrical stimulation);
– low-energy or high-energy laser with a biostimulation laser therapy device with IR applicators
(400 mW) and R applicators (40 mW);
– cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen spray;
– kinesiotaping;
– shockwave therapy;
– phototherapy (including Sollux lamp – infrared light).


Patients are admitted for specialist consultations with a specialist in physiotherapy based on a physician’s diagnosis. The patient should bring his/her entire medical documentation for the consultation.