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Vital Medic’s Diagnostic Imaging Laboratory has a state-of-the-art magnetic resonance device 1.5 T GE Brivo MR355 Inspire. It is the first MRI device in Kluczbork and the entire district. In recent years, the demand for such scans has increased and it is the main diagnostic tool. It helps to find the source of pain, plan treatment and rehabilitation. Magnetic resonance is an excellent diagnostic tool for specialists in, among others, neurosurgery, orthopaedics and traumatology, neurology, medical rehabilitation, internal medicine and urology.

Scans performed at the Magnetic Resonance (MRI) Unit:

  • Head MRI;
  • Pituitary MRI;
  • Petrous temporal bone MRI;
  • Orbit MRI;
  • Cervical/thoracic/lumbar spine MRI;
  • Bone and joint MRI;
  • Pelvic MRI;
  • Abdomen and retroperitoneal space MRI;
  • MR Cholangiography;
  • Paranasal sinuses MRI;
  • Facial bone MRI;
  • Cervical MRI;
  • MR angiography.

You do not need a physician’s referral to undergo an MRI scan.