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At the Spine Care Center hospital complex in Kluczbork, we implemented environmentally-friendly, low-emission power management systems, which effectively protects the environment.

Floor heating
For the first time in Poland, hospital rooms are provided with floor heating, which improved the hospital’s hygiene and functional standards in addition to its technological properties.

Floor heating complements the heating system in which heat is generated by two heat pumps, which are the most environmentally-friendly technology for obtaining heat. The pumps are based on the thermal energy of ground waters extracted by a system of deep water wells.

The hospital building was also equipped with a highly efficient ventilation system, which significantly improves epidemiological protection standards at the surgical rooms of Vital Medic Hospital and the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care. However, in order to minimise the losses caused by ventilation, the hospital heating system was complemented with a system of fan coils operated locally with controllers located in rooms.

The use of fan coils at the Vital Medic Hospital also enabled to use them as air-conditioners because heat pumps can be easily and automatically switched to generating refrigerant in the summer, which uniquely enabled to air-condition almost all hospital rooms.
The same system of producing ice water is used for cooling diagnostic imaging devices without the need to have a separate cooling installation.

Tap water heated with solar energy
At the Vital Medic hospital complex, we used an innovative solution for generating hot tap water. Highly-efficient solar installation, depending on sun exposure, effectively and automatically regulates water generation sources, given its high demand when the hospital operates in full.

Smart lighting
An intelligent lighting system of the Vital Medic Hospital deserves particular attention. Energy-efficient lighting automatically adjusts to the level of natural light inside the building and to the needs of the people using the rooms. The lighting decreases its intensity at night when there is no traffic at hospital wards and is intensified again during the day when the rooms are used.

Cheaper energy means more funds for therapies
All the installations described create a smart power management system at the Vital Medic Hospital. Such applications improve the hygiene level of the rooms and the comfort of people who use them. At the same time, the systems significantly reduce the costs of medical facility maintenance.

Effective implementation of environmental protection is an important component of quality and competitiveness of medical services offered by the Spine Care Center in Kluczbork.