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The Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Ward was created to ensure the highest level of safety to Vital Medic patients.

Specialists and a team of nurses working at the ward, have the required experience and the latest information in anaesthesiology and intensive care, acquired at multiple trainings in Poland and abroad.

The Ward treats patients with urgent life-threatening conditions and with severe organ failures. In addition, the medical team of the Ward provide 24/7 care at the operating theatres and at the intensive care room, which is air-conditioned with sterile air.

Surgeries are performed under general anaesthesia, subarachnoid anaesthesia, epidural or under regional anaesthesia. The type of anaesthesia is selected depending on the type of procedure, patient’s clinical condition and – if possible – patient’s preferences. Following the surgery, anaesthesiologists ensure proper and effective analgesic treatment, using all the techniques available.

The postoperative intensive care room has four beds and a single-bed isolation room where we put patients after long and difficult surgeries and those with concomitant diseases who require special supervision.

The room is equipped with a specialised monitoring system, which enables to continuously and directly evaluate all the vital functions of the patient.

Vital Medic Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Ward offers, among others:

  • ventilators that enable to implement advanced mechanical ventilation techniques;
  • devices enabling to perform complex renal replacement therapy;
  • monitors that record, among others: ECG, BP, SpO2, CVP, CO, ICP and many more parameters, which enable to individually adjust the treatment to the patient;
  • an ultrasound device, which facilitates diagnostics and treatment, and enables to safely perform invasive procedures, such as central line insertion;
  • highly-specialised beds with anti-decubitus mattresses that improve the patient’s comfort and facilitate patient care.

Patients at the Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Ward are provided with 24/7 comprehensive care by our healthcare staff.