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Vital Medic Sp. z o.o. has operated since 27 October 2009. During the five years, the company has built and functionally equipped its highly innovative Vital Medic hospital that is an innovative Spine Care Center in Poland.

Vital Medic as a hospital focuses on specialised procedures in neurosurgery and orthopaedics, with personalised and comprehensive approach to the patient in clinical practice being the key aspect of the hospital’s operations.

Degeneration of the spine and motor organs as well as CNS diseases are modern-age diseases that are highly important due to their scope and intensity. A challenge posed by comprehensive treatment of such conditions has laid the foundation for building a Vital Medic hospital in Kluczbork that specialises in neurosurgery and orthopaedics.

In order to ensure further development of treatment methods, in 2014 we established an R&D unit called Vital Medic Education Sp. z o.o., primarily focussed on conducting work in the area of medical standards improvement.

Vital Medic Education Sp. z o.o. supports Vital Medic hospital operations in terms of creating and implementing innovative products and therapeutic processes.